New York is an intimidating city for people planning a trip here for the first time, especially if they are here for the impressive number of excellent clubs. The cop drama seems to be in bloom here by the looks of the TV or newspaper news, and the rumors circulating all over the internet are not doing a good job at putting an end to them. While it is equally true that the official crime statistics show a significant drop during the last ten years, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, no matter where you live or plan to go on this planet. So here are a few specially tailored safe traveling tips to follow next time you want to include the Cotton Club on your list of destinations you are eager to visit here.

Flying To New York?

Then keep in mind the following airport safety advice:

  • Do not accept a ride invitation from an unmarked cabbie. You might come across a great number of shady characters in the airport terminals asking if you need a ride to your destination within the city. Only use trustworthy, marked cabs or shuttles sponsored by the NYC airport you are using. If you are renting a car, make sure to use a GPS navigation system on the packed streets of the big city and only get in touch with an authorized car shop or automotive locksmith to handle your problems. The excitement of being in New York will make a lot of people lose their focus on lock themselves out of their cars, forget where they have parked, or even lose the keys to the rental they have booked fore their stay.

  • Stay away from the impressive number of con artists that will try to give you “the best deals” at a street corner. Do not call a locksmith number whose site or newspaper ad looks shady and not worthy of your trust. Instead, take some time and look for a 247 locksmith in New York who can rapidly reach your address and provide you with the lockout or key duplicate service you need. Take a quick look at the flat rates the fellows at 24/7 New York Locksmiths practice and memorize their contact number into your phone so you can immediately get in touch with them whenever you are in need of a reliable technician.

  • Drop your luggage at the hotel. Do it as fast as you arrive to New York so that you do not look too tempting for thieves in the street. Check out the a few specialized luggage storage facilities use those instead if you wish to store a lot of luggage for a longer period of time.

  • Pick a safe for your most valuable items when reaching your hotel; in case you are not sure about the safety of the locks on the room you have been given at the hotel, get in touch with the manager and see they have the locks rekeyed or completely replaced with a new one. The best hotels do this as a precaution measure after each guest leaves the hotel, to prevent unfortunate break-in occurrences with spare keys.